December Fishing Report


The Flounder are getting bigger everyday. The numbers are down but more quality fish in the 15-18 inch range are being caught. I have seen fish as big as 22 inches. The water temperatures are still warmer than usual this time of year and our big push of fish is late. We are looking for that 65-70 degrees temps. Jigs are great for covering a lot of ground and very effective but the blowfish will destroy your soft plastic repeatedly. The Flounder Pro’s looking for the larger fish use live bait and the Mud Minnow is the bait of choice. The fish are pushing through the pier in waves. If you see a couple hook-ups back to back, get a bait in the water and fish it hard. The bite may last 30-45 minutes. Be sure to have a long handle dip net to get the fish out of the water. If you pull the fishes head out of the water he will shake his head and quite often spit the hook. Keep the fish under water and have someone scoop him up.

Just recently a group of Redfish have taken up residency under our dock. Sizes range from slot (18-27 inch) to well over slot (36+ inches). They have been caught on everything from jigs, live bait to shrimp. Keep your bait on the bottom and close to the dock. Redfish are attracted by scent so cut bait on the bottom will also work well. Redfish are not effected by the cold and will be here all winter. Remember 1 Redfish per person limit.

Sheepshead are starting to show up in decent numbers. Most are in the 8-14 inch range. More will show up as the water cools and they will be here all winter. Serious sheepshead fishermen use fiddler crabs, mud crabs and tube worms. They will also eat shrimp and sand fleas available at the pier. Fish straight down on the pilings because the sheepshead are eating the growth off the structure.

The Gag grouper are still here in all sizes. It is just a matter of getting them out of the structure. Gag season is about to close on Dec. 3 for the next 6 months.

Snook is now closed.

Be respectful of all fish. If not within the legal sizes please release them in a timely manner. It is your responsibility to know the Florida fish limits, if unsure please ask us at the pier and we will be happy to help you out.

Thanks, Merry Pier

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