November Fishing Report


The water continues to cool with each passing cold front. Pushing the Snook and Snapper out and bringing the Flounder and Grouper in. The Flounder bite is getting better with each passing cold front, and should peak in late November to early December. Right now the flounder are getting bigger every day. Still not very good numbers, but some nice 16-18 fish being caught each day. When the water drops to the high 60’s/low 70’s the fish should even out in the 15-20 inch range.

Redfish have been under the dock lately. Slot size and bigger. Most have been caught using live shrimp on the bottom.

We had an amazing Grouper bite right after a cold front in October. In a 3 day period I saw 5 keeper grouper caught off Merry pier ranging in size from 23 to 29 inches. With some larger fish lost within sight at the last moment. Come prepared with 4/0 reels and heavy rods. Terminal tackle should be a 3-4 ounce lead with a 80-100 lb. leader and 5/0 to 8/0 heavy hook. Frozen sardines will work for bait, but a large live pinfish will work better. The best bait would be a large Pigfish. Pigfish look very similar to a pinfish, but make a grunting noise that seem to call the grouper to them. When using live bait keep the rod in your hand and be ready for the bite.

There are still quite a few late season Snook still under the dock. They tend to eat better on the outgoing tide at our dock. Pinfish and large shrimp are the baits of choice. As the water temperatures drop they will start to move to warmer back bay areas.

Our Offshore boats – Miss Pass a Grille and Offshore Hustler continue to be productive with the Red grouper, Gag grouper and Key west grunts. With occasional catches of Mangrove snapper, Flounder, Hogfish and King Mackerel.

Be respectful of all fish. If not within the legal sizes please release them in a timely manner. It is your responsibility to know the Florida fish limits, if unsure please ask us at the pier and we will be happy to help you out.

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