Summer Fishing Report 2017

Summer is here! The days are hot, and the fish are biting. Every year, swarms of tasty mangrove snapper converge on Merry Pier, and they are easy to catch (even for kids and beginner fisherman). A size 1 hook, a 20 pound leader, a small weight and a small live shrimp are all you need. The snapper are schooling fish, so when you find one, you’ll find lots. Try dropping by the deeper pilings, particularly when the tide is running, or under the dock (drop the bait from the up-current side and allow it to drift under). There are still some big redfish, black drum and snook hanging around, so remember – never set your rod down! Be prepared for the occasional big fish.
Bait is showing, but it is still on the small side. Since it was late this year, there hasn’t been a lot of mackerel action yet. Won’t be long, though. Meanwhile, tarpon are rolling, and cobia and sharks are starting to move in. If you decide to target these giants, make sure your tackle is up to the job.
Steve Schwalb
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