March Fishing Report 2017

March Fishing Report:
March is a transitional month. Some days are warm and sunny, others grey, windy and (for Pass-A-Grille) cold. This state of flux results in uneven fishing. Some days are spectacular, others are slow. Bait schools are just beginning to make an appearance, which means some of the best fishing of the year is just around the corner.
At Merry Pier, sheepshead have been a popular target. Dedicated fisherman are catching double digits of these striped bandits. While many of the fish have been on the smaller side, quite a few 2-4 pound fish have been taken. Best bets are fiddler crabs, small mud crabs, or 1/2 a live shrimp fished on small hooks right next to the pilings. Sheepshead don’t seem to care what the weather and tides are doing, they’re liable to bite any time. Since their entire diet consists of shellfish, they make for excellent table fare.
Snook are back in season, and they are beginning to show up regularly. Please keep in mind the slot size and limit of 1 fish per person, per day (and a snook stamp is required to keep a snook). Jumbo shrimp or live pinfish either freelined or fished with a split shot have resulted in most hookups.  Be prepared for a battle if you want to target snook.
There have been a few stray redfish, flounder, snapper, grouper and black drum around as well. This time of year, you never know exactly what you’ve caught until you get it on the dock.
Steve Schwalb
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